Vampire Heaven (2013) (de)

Vampire Heaven 2013

Vampire Heaven Download - Vampires need human blood to survive. Sakurako (Aya Oomasa) and her best friend, Komachi (Tsubasa Honda), escape from the clutches of an evil baron in the vampire world and come down to the world of humans. They end up working in a café when a handsome aspiring musician, Hayako (Yuta Hiraoka), comes in. Sakurako falls in love with the young man but must overcome her natural desire to taste his blood that comes with her attraction. Sakurako finds that strumming on a guitar helps her to curb her taste for blood, but her thirst grows stronger as her feelings for Hayako also grows. When Komachi also develops feelings for Hayako, what will the best friends do? “Vampire Heaven” is a 2013 Japanese drama series written and directed by Seta Natsuki.
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